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Welcome to CasaNostra - Hostel and Trekking

About Us

About Casanostra Accommodation

HOTEL CASA NOSTRA in the way of Choquequirao a 4 minute of the main square of SAN PEDRO DE CACHORA . we offer a private room & toilet with a balcony and amazing view to the highland and Salcantay snow. included and american breakfast , free wifi ,hot water 24 hours , the hotel have a restaurant , Bar , common area , BBQ place , entertainment area , garage , some hammock . we can organize your tour to Choquequirao and we also have a equipment rental. -sleeping bag – inflatable mattress – single tent supplement – horses for the backpack – kitchen equipment.

 About Casanostra Trekking

We are specialists in Choquequirao Treks. We offer different options for whatever our customer requires. The Choquequirao Trek and the Choquequirao Trek to Machu Pichu are for more adventurous clients who want a more economic option. The Luxury Choquequirao Trek and The Luxury Choquequirao to Machu Picchu Trek are for clients that require a more comfortable service.



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